Tunisia Holiday Reviews

If there’s one holiday company that seems to be trying very hard to listen to it’s customers it’s Thomson. They claim to have stopped using hundreds of hotels following poor customer reviews. Therefore, it seems, leaving a review on their site seems worthwhile. It’s always nice to feel that someone actually listens to or reads what we, the customer, have to say.

As part of the Thomson commitment to customers (and service) they have put a lot of effort into developing a fantastic review facility on their website.

The team at Tunisia Traveller have been doing a fair bit of research into the Thomson Tunisia Holiday Review Database. It’s quite impressive with many Tunisia hotels and apartments having 50 -100 Holiday Reviews showing on the site.

If you’re thinking of taking a Thomson Package to Tunisia then the Thomson specific reviews are quite enlightening. They give details of transfers, excursions and Thomson service in general as well as the usual reviews of the accommodation and resort.

Surprisingly, the reviews seem to support Thomsons promise that they publish the bad as well as the good!

Before you book any Tunisia package holiday, with Thomson or elsewhere, it’s well worth having a read of the Tunisia reviews on the Thomson site.

Thomson also off one of the best Tunisia resort and destination guides of any tour operator. It’s well worth watching their videos and photo galleries before you book anything.

You’ll find links to Thomson Holidays in our Holiday Top 10.

We also have a specific link straight to the Thomson Holiday Reviews within our ‘Extras’ section.

All of the Tunisia Traveller team hope you find a fantastic Tunisia Holiday.

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